Abstract Desert Art: The Rise of 2023’s Decor Trend

In my time as the curator of Inomaly Art, I’ve had the privilege to witness a multitude of artistic trends, but none have captured the essence of our current cultural zeitgeist quite like the explosion of abstract desert art in 2023. From the warmth of the rugged terrains to the electric atmosphere of stormy desert skies, abstract cactus art and desert art prints have a unique way of connecting with our intrinsic longing for the mysterious and the beautiful. I’m excited to share with you some best-selling gems from our unique collection and the remarkable journey of how these pieces have found their way into the hearts and homes of so many Australians.


The Desert Aesthetic: A Creative Oasis

The desert has always been a place of wonder and intrigue, but there’s something particularly enchanting about abstract desert art. It invites us to explore, to question, and to immerse ourselves in a world of vibrant colour and complex emotion.

Consider Desert Dream 002, a mixed media landscape by Kathryn Foster. Crafted in a pallet of vibrant orange, pink, green, and blue, this piece is a true embodiment of creative energy and fun. It’s not just about the interplay of colours, but about the connection it builds with the viewer, making it a lively addition to any space it inhabits.

Connecting with Cactus Country

For many, the cactus symbolises endurance, strength, and resilience. It’s no wonder that abstract cactus art has resonated with so many of our customers, especially home decor enthusiasts and renovators.

Desert Dream 014, another masterpiece by Kathryn Foster, brings wild desert flowers and succulents to life under dark foreboding skies. It’s a print that has found a special place in the homes of many, acting as the perfect centre piece for any room and often paired with Desert Dream 016, 017 or 018 (see below). Meanwhile, Joseph Russell’s Cactus Country 3 offers a delightful western bohemian aesthetic, blending intricate line art patterns with textured paint strokes. This piece manages to be both inviting and mysterious, appealing to those with a taste for naive abstracts and desert themes.

Commonly paired with:

The Surreal and the Fauvist: A Dance of Imagination

The collection at Inomaly Art also includes pieces that transport you to realms that are at once dreamlike and deeply grounded. Kathryn Foster’s Desert Dream 019, a surreal desert landscape in a fauvist style, depicts an electrical storm in the sky over cactus country. The electrifying beauty of this piece is not just in its captivating imagery, but in its ability to stir emotion, evoke thought, and ignite imagination.

Your Abstract Desert Art Journey

Whether you’re drawn to cactus prints or desert landscapes, Inomaly Art’s collection offers something for every aesthetic and space. The works I’ve shared today, all exclusive to our store, reflect not only the talents of the artists but also the individual journeys and stories of those who have found solace and inspiration in them.

Abstract desert art is not just a trend. It’s a reflection of our time, our landscape, and our collective yearning for connection. It invites you to explore, to feel, and to immerse yourself in a world that is both wild and serene. These pieces aren’t just art; they are companions in your interior design journey, enriching your spaces with their energy and life.

At Inomaly Art, our goal is to offer more than just art. We provide an experience, a journey, and a reflection of who you are. If you’d like to learn more or explore our collections, we’re here to guide you in selecting the perfect piece that resonates with you.

Inomaly Art is Australia’s leading online store for abstract desert and cactus art. Browse our exclusive collection and allow yourself to be inspired by the beauty and complexity of the desert landscape.

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