Fine Art Prints

Australian Fine Art Prints: A Curated Experience for the Discerning Eye

Step into the awe-inspiring world of Inomaly’s Australian Fine Art Prints collection. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a burgeoning collector, or someone with a penchant for aesthetics, our carefully curated selection of some of Australia’s finest art prints has something for everyone. These prints not only elevate the aesthetics of a room but also encapsulate the spirit and culture of contemporary Australian art.

The Brilliance of Fine Art Prints: A Class Apart

Before diving into our exclusive collection, it’s crucial to understand what sets a fine art print apart from standard prints. Fine art prints are created with archival-quality materials, utilising specialised techniques like lithography, giclée, and lino cutting. This ensures that each piece maintains a high level of fidelity to the original artwork, making it a long-lasting investment in beauty and culture.

What is considered a fine art print?

A fine art print is a high-quality reproduction of an original artwork, printed using specialised techniques and archival materials. The goal is to reproduce the original piece with as much fidelity as possible, making it an object of art in its own right.

What is the difference between prints and fine art prints?

The primary difference lies in the quality and longevity of the product. Standard prints are mass-produced, often using commercial printing methods, whereas fine art prints are often created in limited runs, utilising advanced techniques to capture the nuance and detail of the original work.

The Inomaly Collection: The Soul of Australian Art

City Living

The metropolitan magic comes alive in “City Living,” a cubist abstract fine art print awash in soothing blue tones. This artwork provides a glimpse into urban landscapes, capturing the essence of city life, from its bustling streets to its towering skyscrapers.

Hamptons Heatwave 10

Escape to the shore with “Hamptons Heatwave 10.” This piece balances style and play, offering a modern take on the classic coastal Hamptons style. It is a perfect fusion of refinement and laid-back beachside living.

Blue Man With Shades

Nothing encapsulates the joy of coastal living like our vibrant print, “Blue Man With Shades.” This lively blue abstract artwork captures a man on the beach wearing shades, embodying the spirit of freedom and the simple joys of life.

Many Hands

With its raw emotional power, “Many Hands” speaks volumes. This naive modern abstract lithograph showcases a female face surrounded by red hands, reminding us of the communal bonds that connect us all.

Alpha Pattern 037

For those drawn to meticulous craftsmanship, “Alpha Pattern 037” offers an intricate design in black and beige. It’s a lino cut that takes you through an entangled maze of life, asking you to pause and ponder at every turn.

What’s Inside 001

Are you ready for a soul-searching expedition? Our limited edition “What’s Inside 001” gives you a unique look into human anatomy. With its road map style design, it prompts a deeper introspection into what makes us who we are.


Value and Investment: Why Choose Fine Art Prints

Are fine art prints worth it?

Absolutely. Fine art prints offer an accessible entry point for art collectors, as well as a high-value addition for seasoned art enthusiasts. Their craftsmanship, aesthetic allure, and limited editions make them a beautiful and worthwhile investment.

Why are fine art prints expensive?

The price reflects the quality of the materials used, the specialised techniques applied, and often, the limited availability of each print. When you purchase a fine art print, you’re investing in a piece of art that retains its value over time.

Fine art print Australia landscape - St Kilda Beach
St Kilda Beach
Orange fields abstract painting print on the wall - Fine art print
Hills of Gold 4

Practical Considerations: Preservation and Longevity

What type of print is best for art?

Giclée prints are often hailed as the best for art reproductions due to their archival quality inks and materials. They offer vibrant colours and can last for a century or more if properly cared for.

How long do fine art prints last?

With proper care, including protection from direct sunlight and excessive humidity, a fine art print can last over 100 years.

Colourful Abstract portrait on a Teal Wall -Fine art print
Measuring Up
FIne art print of colourful gum leaves on a white wall
Eucalyptus High 048

Common Fine Art Print Subjects: A Spectrum of Inspirations

The allure of fine art prints lies in the expansive range of subjects they can cover, appealing to diverse tastes and sensibilities. Here are some of the most commonly featured subjects in our fine art prints:

  1. Landscapes: From serene beaches to snow-capped mountains, landscapes are often a popular choice for their universal appeal.
  2. Portraits: These focus on human faces, capturing emotion and expressions that resonate with viewers.
  3. Abstract Art: Often open to interpretation, abstract art can range from geometrical shapes to more fluid forms.
  4. Wildlife: Renditions of animals in their natural habitats make for captivating fine art prints and particularly native Australian abstracts.
  5. Cityscapes: Urban environments, both modern and historical, are often portrayed in intricate detail.
  6. Still Life: Objects arranged in a particular setting, often capturing everyday scenes with extraordinary insight.
  7. Cultural & Historical Themes: Representations of cultural milestones or historical events often find a place in fine art prints.
  8. Mythology & Fantasy: From ancient myths to modern fantasy, these subjects transport you to different worlds.
  9. Botanical: Floral arrangements and plant life, often rendered in intricate detail, make for a serene subject.
  10. Social & Political Commentary: These works often challenge the viewer to think more deeply about the issues at hand.

Common Fine Art Print Mediums: The Tools of the Trade

The type of medium used can greatly affect the texture, appearance, and longevity of a fine art print. Here’s a list of common fine art print mediums our artists often employ:

  1. Giclée: Known for their high-quality and longevity, giclée prints use archival inks and are often printed on fine art paper or canvas. All of Inomal’y fine art print are made in this way, using fine cotton rag papers for gallery-quality prints with unmatched colour reproduction and longevity.
  2. Lithography: This traditional printing technique involves an image being burned onto a stone or metal plate, then transferred onto paper.
  3. Serigraphy (Silkscreen): Ink is pushed through a fine mesh or screen to create an image, often resulting in vivid colours and bold lines.
  4. Etching: Lines are etched onto a metal plate, which is then inked and pressed onto paper, offering fine detail.
  5. Linocut: Similar to etching but using linoleum as the surface, this technique is used for bolder designs and lines.
  6. Woodcut: This is one of the oldest printmaking techniques where an image is carved into the surface of a block of wood.
  7. Aquatint: This is used primarily for creating areas of tone rather than lines. It’s often used in combination with etching.
  8. Mezzotint: Known for its ability to create rich, velvety black areas, this technique is commonly used for darker, more atmospheric prints.
  9. Drypoint: This intaglio printmaking method involves scratching an image directly onto a plate with a sharp needle.
  10. Collagraphy: Textured material is adhered to a printing plate and inked up for transfer, allowing for a wide range of textural effects.

Elevate Your Space with Inomaly’s Australian Fine Art Prints

Art has the power to transform, and our collection offers that transformation in every stroke, colour, and texture. At Inomaly, we invite you to explore the depths of human expression and the magnificence of artistic mastery encapsulated in our Australian Fine Art Prints.

Come, indulge your senses and elevate your living spaces with pieces that not only speak to you but also about you. Whether you’re mesmerised by the labyrinthine patterns of “Alpha Pattern 037,” or captivated by the coastal charisma of “Hamptons Heatwave 10,” you’ll find that our collection serves as both a visual feast and a soulful retreat.