Curated by

Kathryn Foster

Kathryn Foster

Formerly Curator at Third Drawer Down

As far as art industry taste-makers go, few are as iconic as the world-renowned Melbourne studio, Third Drawer Down.

This quirky design house has collaborated with artists from Ai Weiwei to David Shrigley, and for the better part of a decade Kathryn Foster was at the helm, running operations from their famous Fitzroy retail storefront.

Kathryn’s style is minimalist, colourful and fun, with a naive, tongue-in-cheek quality that is quintessential to the Third Drawer Down brand. When asked to curate a selection of pieces from the Inomaly collection, Kathryn had no problem choosing her favourites and what she came up with is so beautifully her.

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Curated by Kathryn