Art Prints Melbourne Style

Inomaly is nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s eclectic and diverse art scene, in a city where the Yarra River whispers tales of creativity, and every cobblestone seems to hold a secret story of artistic exploration. Our collection is an ode to this city’s vibrancy, a canvas where every stroke is imbued with Melbourne’s spirit, none more-so than the remarkable works of Kathryn Foster.

Kathryn, a seasoned artist with a history tied to the iconic Melbourne studio, Third Drawer Down, in Fitzroy, is a maestro of minimalist and colorful abstract art. Her time managing collaborations with artists of international acclaim has infused her works with an essence that is unmistakably Melbourne – playful, vibrant, and imbued with a sense of wonder and nostalgia.

Melbourne art prints by Kathryn Foster - Geometric abstracts
ZigZag Collage
Flower painting on a green wall. Print by Melbourne Artist Kathryn Foster
Two tone apple and vase

“Zigzag Collage 1” is a representation of Melbourne’s dynamic energy, with warm tones and diagonal patterns reminiscent of the city’s architectural diversity and the lively lanes, full of cafes and street art, such as the famous Hosier Lane. The print invites a reflection on Melbourne’s historical and modern fusion, a cityscape where Victorian architecture meets contemporary design.

In “Two Tone Apple and Vase,” Kathryn captures the subtle charm of Melbourne’s serene parks and gardens, like the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, painting a tranquil picture with a red and yellow apple sitting next to a vase of yellow flowers. It is a tribute to the city’s lush landscapes and the peace they bring to its bustling life.

Art print on Melbourne apartment wall in an eclectic studio apartment
Island Life 4
abstract wall art print on a tan lounge room wall in melbourne

The vibrant energy of Melbourne’s diverse communities is encapsulated in “Island Life 4”. The floral art print in pink, black, and white is a celebration of Melbourne’s multicultural heart, reflecting the lively festivals, culinary delights, and the rich tapestry of traditions that coexist within the city.

“Picnic” is a soft, colourful exploration of the female form, echoing the expressive and open-minded nature of Melbourne’s inhabitants. The diverse and inclusive atmosphere of the city is illustrated through expressive geometric style and warm tones, which explore femininity in a modern and cheerful context.

Abstract female portrait with gold gilding in timber frame. Melbourne art print.
Golden Era - Limited Edition
Modern Abstract Art print on Melbourne home wall over desk

“Golden Era” intertwines pastel colours and gold leaf gilding, mirroring the elegance and grace of Melbourne’s historical beauty. Its a dreamy abstract portrait that exudes style and class.

Lastly, “Genie” brings forth the rich, magical essence of Melbourne’s nightlife and cultural events, with deep primary colours enveloping the viewer in a world full of wonder, reminiscent of the enchanting performances at the Arts Centre Melbourne.

Melbourne is not only represented by Kathryn but also by a myriad of talented artists such as Ash Keating, who is known for his dynamic large-scale public murals, and Patricia Piccinini, who astonishes with her hyperrealistic sculptures, depicting the relationship between humanity and the natural world. They, among others, breathe life into the abstract, each adding a strand to Melbourne’s artistic tapestry.

Inomaly is proud to curate a collection that is a visual symphony of Melbourne’s essence. It’s not merely about purchasing art prints; it’s about embracing the soul of Melbourne, its landmarks, its features, and its people, bringing a piece of this extraordinary city into your space. Our pieces are dialogues between the artist and the city, narrations of the unspoken beauty and diversity found in every corner of Melbourne.

To walk through Melbourne is to walk through a living, breathing gallery, with each step uncovering a new layer of its artistic identity. It is this uniqueness and richness that make Melbourne art prints a sought-after treasure for art enthusiasts around the world.

So, to embrace the art prints Melbourne offers is to embrace the city itself, to understand the song of St Kilda Beach and to see the world through the eyes of the countless artists who find their muse in Melbourne’s lanes, its people, and its stories. It’s a journey of discovering, appreciating, and loving the artistic soul of Melbourne, a journey that Inomaly is thrilled to share with the world.

Whether it’s the whimsical world of Kathryn Foster or the vibrant expressions of other local talents, the art of Melbourne is a dance of colours, forms, and emotions, each telling a story of this magnificent city. So here’s to Melbourne, a city that paints its stories not just on canvases but in the hearts of those who experience its artistic allure.

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