Art in Melbourne Homes: A Decor Deep-Dive

Art is a language that resonates differently across the continents, cultures, and cities. When we shift our focus down under, Melbourne emerges as a city with an art scene that’s as rich as its coffee. A stroll through its graffiti-decorated laneways or a visit to its world-class galleries might be enough to conclude that Melbournians have a penchant for expressing their individuality through art. But how does this passion for art translate into the intimate corners of their homes? In this article, we’ll explore the types of art prints Melbourne locals love to hang on their walls and how these preferences reflect on Melbourne’s unique cultural, geographical, and societal fabric.

A Canvas of Diversity: Art Prints Melbourne Locals Love

In the heart of Melbournians’ decor choices, we find a love for diversity. Echoing the city’s multicultural milieu, Melbourne homes frequently showcase art prints ranging from Australian Indigenous Art to Asian and European influences, reflecting the city’s cultural diversity.

Indigenous Australian Art prints, for instance, are a firm favourite. This form of art not only represents the rich history and culture of the Aboriginal people but also adds a vivid colour palette and intricate patterns that bring life to any room. It’s not just about aesthetic appeal, though; displaying these prints is often an expression of respect for Australia’s first inhabitants.

Then there’s the wave of Asian art prints. The vibrant Melbourne-Asian community, coupled with the city’s deep fascination for Asian culture, has led to a surge in the popularity of art prints featuring Japanese ukiyo-e, Chinese landscapes, and Southeast Asian tribal art.

European influence, specifically from the vibrant Mediterranean region, can be seen in the form of colourful geometric patterns, landscapes, and portraits, reflecting the city’s historic connections to European migration.

It’s worth noting, though, that Melbournians often steer clear of art clichés. While a Parisian might adore a print of the Eiffel Tower, and a Londoner might have the iconic red double-decker bus in their lounge, you’re less likely to find art prints of Flinders Street Station or the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Instead, locals prefer subtler nods to their city, such as abstract interpretations of their skyline or black-and-white photography of its famed laneways.

The Geographical Impact: Embracing Melbourne’s Natural Beauty

Melbourne’s unique geographical characteristics also play a role in its residents’ art choices. Known for its dramatic coastline, lush vineyards, and the arresting spectacle of the Twelve Apostles, Victoria offers a stunning natural backdrop that translates into the art Melbourne locals love.

Many Melbournians adore art prints that depict these local landscapes, often rendered in various styles, from realism to impressionism to abstract art. You’ll find a striking balance between ocean-inspired artwork and those influenced by the bushland, depending on the homeowner’s proximity and affinity towards these natural elements.

This geographical influence isn’t merely confined to landscape depictions. There’s also a trend towards biophilic art prints, inspired by Melbourne’s biodiversity. Prints featuring the Superb Lyrebird, the Eastern Grey Kangaroo or the Red-flowering gum add a touch of nature and local identity to their homes.

Society and Trends: The Melbourne Vibe

Lastly, societal factors and trends contribute significantly to the art scene in Melbourne. As a city famed for its love of coffee, sports, music, and street art, these elements inevitably find their way into the homes of locals.

Street art, a defining characteristic of Melbourne’s urban landscape, is a trend that Melbournians have brought indoors. Art prints that recreate graffiti, murals, and stencil art provide a vibrant, edgy touch to their decor. These prints are often a way for locals to express their connection with the city’s dynamic street art scene and to bring a piece of Melbourne’s culture into their personal spaces.

The city’s thriving music scene also finds its echo in the art prints Melbourne locals choose. From tributes to iconic local music venues to prints inspired by Melbourne’s home-grown bands, music-themed artwork is quite common in Melbournian homes.

The Art of Melbourne at Home

Understanding the art prints Melbourne residents love is like reading a visual diary of the city’s heartbeat. It’s a reflection of Melbourne’s rich cultural diversity, its enchanting geographical surroundings, and its societal trends. For those embarking on their own home decor journeys, remember that your art choices are more than just decoration. They’re an opportunity to showcase your unique story, to communicate your connection to your city, your community, and your personal tastes.

In the end, whether it’s Indigenous Australian patterns that captivate you, a stunning depiction of the Twelve Apostles, or a print of a street art mural from Hosier Lane, your choice of art helps you carry a piece of Melbourne’s diverse and dynamic spirit into your home.

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