Abstract Art For Office Walls

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Abstracts: the perfect choice for office wall art

Decorating an office or business can be a challenge. You want decor that won’t offend or alienate your staff and customers, but still uplift the space to feel professional, creative and conducive to work. Abstract art prints are a great solution. They can provide a sense of style and coherence without making too big a statement. Abstract art for office walls can also be a source of inspiration, helping to spark creativity and motivation in the workplace. Plus, they are far more cost-effective than original paintings when it comes to office wall art.

Benefits of Abstract Prints for Office or Business Settings

There are tons of benefits to decorating your business, office or shop with abstract art. Using abstract art for office walls provides the following benefits and more:

  • Adds a unique sense of style and personality to the office
  • Creates an atmosphere of inspiration and creativity
  • Is a great conversation starter with guests or new customers
  • Can be used to identify different areas in the office space while maintaining a coherent theme or style throughout
  • Is versatile enough to fit any type of business or office
  • Abstract artwork for offices can be very cost-effective

Choosing the right art for an office space

Choosing the right wall art for an office can be a daunting task. Not only is there a dizzying number of art options to choose from but you also want to make sure that the pieces fit with your company’s style and personality. The best art for office walls and interiors is art that fits with the colour scheme of the space, includes relevant themes and is sized correctly. Here are some tips on choosing the right abstract art for office walls:

Boardroom with abstract art prints for office wall - Grey Haze
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White office interior with abstract art on wall

Set the tone with colour

Colour is a powerful factor when it comes to decorating an office space. It can set the mood and tone of the room, so make your decisions wisely. Blue art and other cooler tones can create a calming, relaxed atmosphere while warm tones like reds and oranges bring energy and passion. Black and white art prints can add a touch of sophistication and timeless elegance. Also, make sure to choose art in colours that compliment the existing colour scheme, decor and furniture in the room.

Matching prints for office interiors with business brand

When choosing wall art for an office, go for themes with some relevance to your business or brand. You don’t need to get too literal with your choices but some relevance will certainly enhance the impact of your chosen artwork. For example, if you manage a beauty products distribution company, opt for more human-themed abstract art for an office. If your business is an accounting firm, go with something more aspirational, eluding to financial freedom, like natural landscapes, exotic coastal art and bold, inspirational pieces.

Size matters

The size of the artwork should be proportional to the space it is intended to occupy. Smaller pieces are better for smaller rooms and vice versa. Make sure you select art for the office wall that fits comfortably within the designated space without overwhelming it or looking out of place. On larger walls, opt for a single large-scale abstract canvas print or group multiple small framed pieces together. The height you hang them at is also important. Generally, artwork should be hung at eye level or slightly higher.

Quality art for office walls speaks volumes

When selecting pictures for an office wall, make sure they are of the highest print quality. Opt for archive quality Giclee prints on high GSM cotton rag paper. These art prints will bring that high-end feel into your space and they will last and maintain their vibrant colours for many years to come. Investing in pieces that are professionally designed, printed and framed can ensure you get the best value for money and an end result you’ll be proud to hang in your business.

Wall art office decor: Keep things consistent

Pick a style and stick with it for a cohesive office design that feels professional and well thought out. To add variety, try mixing different colours or mediums like photography, framed prints and canvases, but keep a consistent style or subject matter. Also, think about using matching frames for each piece of artwork to create a sense of uniformity throughout the office space.

Incorporating Other Elements with Abstract Prints for Office Decor

When decorating an office with abstract art, be sure to consider other elements that will help tie the look together. For example, you can add some coordinated furniture such as armchairs or ottomans, and accessories like cushions, lamps and rugs in similar colours or styles. You can also add plants or flowers to bring life into the space. The key is to create a cohesive look that conveys your brand or business in the best light possible.

Here are some office decor ideas that work well with abstract wall art for an office:

• Architectural elements like columns, partitions or sliding doors

• Abstract sculptures and 3D wall art

• Unique office furniture pieces such as desks, chairs or storage units

• Bold colour accents such as cushions, throws or curtains

• Floor and desk laps in a similar style to you artwork

• Wall-mounted shelving to display awards, books, certificates or personal items

• Mirrors and lighting solutions to create an inviting atmosphere

• Greenery, such as indoor plants and flower arrangements

abstract art canvases on office boardroom walls

Creative placement of abstract prints for office settings

When arranging abstract art in an office or business setting, there are several creative ways to display it. Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of your prints:

  • Create an office art wall by grouping multiple pieces together
  • Hang prints over existing furniture such as desks and tables
  • Mix framed and canvas prints for a unique look
  • Hang prints in a grid pattern to create an impactful display
  • Use abstract art to liven up your foyer or waiting room and create conversation
  • Create an artwork hallway by placing prints along the length of a corridor
  • Create a feature wall with large abstract wall art and/or abstract sculpture

Framing and mounting abstract artworks on office walls

When preparing abstract artwork for offices there are a number of framing and mounting options available.

Go with canvas prints if you’re looking for a more edgy and artistic option; they are lightweight, easy to hang and require no additional framing or matting. Stretched canvas prints can also be framed using elegant float frames for a more finished appearance.

Framed prints convey a more polished aesthetic and are ideal for traditional office spaces. Choose frames that complement the artwork and match the existing colour scheme and decor in the room. Make sure the matting is acid-free to ensure your prints don’t deteriorate over time.

abstract print in office lobby

More framing and mounting tips for office artwork:

  • Choose frames that match and complement the artworks, as well as existing furniture and decor.
  • Consider using float frames which will give the illusion of your artwork ‘floating’ in the frame.
  • Use flush mount frames when you want to keep things neat and tidy.
  • For a more contemporary look, opt for metal frames in clean lines and muted colours.
  • Ensure your artwork is securely mounted with high quality materials that won’t damage your walls. If you are leasing your office space, remember to check what it says in your lease agreement about hanging art on walls.
  • Finally, remember to factor in lighting when displaying abstract prints in an office settings. Aim to have artwork hung in areas that are well-lit and easy to see.

Ultimately, the best advice for creating an inviting office space is to choose wall art for office walls that reflects your company’s values and mission statement. Abstract wall art is the perfect way to bring personality and style into an otherwise plain professional space. By taking the time to consider how best to display abstract prints in an office or business setting, you can create a stylish and inviting space that showcases your brand in the best light possible.

Artwork for office interiors in situ on office walls

Elevate Your Home Office with Abstract Art Prints

abstract art prints for home office decor
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In the wake of the remote work revolution, there has been a noticeable shift in the way people approach their work environments. More individuals are embracing the concept of home offices, making it crucial to cultivate spaces at home that are not just functional but also inspire productivity and creativity. One potent way of achieving this is through the integration of art for the home office. Specifically, abstract art prints can drastically enhance the atmosphere of these work spaces.

Abstract wall art, with its dynamic shapes, vibrant colours, and unique textures, can establish a compelling backdrop for your workspace.Unlike other art forms, abstract art doesn’t confine your thoughts to a specific scene or object. Instead, it triggers the imagination, allowing individual interpretations that can stimulate innovative thinking – a key element for any home office setting.

The colours utilised in abstract prints for the home office can also influence mood and energy. Warm shades can ignite a sense of liveliness to fuel your workday, while cooler tones can foster a calming environment that promotes concentration. Choosing abstract art for home office walls that aligns with your work style and mood preference can customise and enhance your work-from-home experience.

With the upsurge in remote work, it’s essential to prioritise creating home office spaces that not only serve practical needs but also motivate productivity. Art for the home office, particularly abstract art prints, offers an aesthetically pleasing solution for this purpose. As we adapt to this new work-from-home era, remember the transformational power of art, and let your home office be a space where creativity thrives and productivity soars.

Wall art office examples

Browse some of the many abstract artworks in the Inomaly print collection below.