Be inspired by some of these beautiful interior abstract art choices.

Landscape Art

Landscape art brings a touch of the great outdoors into your living space, captivating with majestic mountains, serene deserts, or bustling cityscapes. This category of wall art can transport the viewer to distant locales or recreate the comforting familiarity of local scenery. By integrating landscape pieces into your decor, you create a conversation starter, stirring memories or inspiring wanderlust, while simultaneously establishing a strong visual anchor point in your design.

neutral beach abstract art on bedroom wall
Cactus-Country Abstract Desert Landscape Art

Floral and Botanical Art

Infuse your room with a breath of fresh air by incorporating floral and botanical art. This genre adds a natural, refreshing touch, enveloping spaces with a sense of life and growth. Whether it’s vibrant florals in full bloom or the subtle complexity of Australian native botanical art, these prints are versatile, fitting seamlessly into a range of interior aesthetics from traditional to modern, and acting as a soothing counterpoint to more industrial elements in your decor.

Flower Press Abstract Painting Banner
Eucalyptus Australian Botanical Prints

Coastal Themed Art

Coastal themed art, with its evocative sea vistas, nautical elements, and soothing beach landscapes, can imbue your interior with a sense of tranquility and escapism. These pieces work harmoniously to create an airy, light-filled atmosphere that mirrors the expansive sea and sky. This genre is perfect for creating a relaxing sanctuary within your home, regardless of its geographical location, inviting the serene allure of the seashore indoors.

beachy bedroom decor with Esplanade 019 coastal abstract art canvas on wall
beach abstract art on blue wall

Natural and Bohemian Art

Embrace your free-spirited side with natural and bohemian art. This genre often incorporates earthy colours, organic forms, and diverse textures, resulting in a warm, eclectic look. Bohemian art serves as a visual expression of individuality, enabling a break from the conventional and allowing your living space to become a reflection of your unique personality. Pair it with natural elements like potted plants or rattan furniture for a rich, layered aesthetic.

natural abstract art prints in earthy tones behind comfortable chair
Bohemian neutral abstract wall art prints

Modern Abstract Art

Bold, dynamic, and emotive, modern abstract art makes a powerful statement. These pieces often use vibrant colours, intriguing forms, and thought-provoking composition to stimulate the imagination. Abstract art can express a wide array of emotions and ideas, transforming your living space into a contemporary art gallery. It can serve as an exciting focal point, leading the eye and providing a visually striking contrast to more subdued elements in the room.

large art deco office room with cubist abstract art print on wall Weekday Walter
Modern Abstract Art print on Melbourne home wall over desk
Large_modern_armchair_in_living_room (7)

Minimalist Art

Minimalist art embodies the philosophy of “less is more”. With its clean lines, pared-down forms, and limited colour palette, it contributes a sense of calm, balance, and simplicity to your space. Minimalist art encourages a mindful approach to decor, focusing on essential elements and leaving room for thought and reflection. It fits effortlessly into a modern, Scandinavian, or industrial aesthetic, acting as a subtle yet sophisticated accent to your interiors.

Modern_bedroom_with_side_table (4)
Bike_leaning_against_hallway_staircase (1)
Stylish_living_room_with_contemporary_flair (5)